25 October —
5 December

UD Festival

The Fifth edition of UD Festival will take place between 21st of October and 5st of December. A festival entirely dedicated to the instrument that forms the musical bridge between east and west. The ud once made a long journey from Baghdad to Andalusia, and formed the base of a musical revolution in the West.

Why the Ud? Rich in tone and versatile in its possibilities, the ud (also spelled oud) has influenced musical traditions around the globe, and is the perfect catalyst for conversation, cooperation and experiment between musicians across cultures today. 

Le Trio Joubran


The Ud Festival launches its fifth edition in 2024. The theme of this edition is The Discovery. The stories of three medieval explorers Ziryâb, Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta serve as a metaphor to capture the miraculous journey and development of the ud in a wide musical repertoire.Dutch and international musicians come together in the Netherlands with a variety of ensembles and orchestras.

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The Netherlands

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expo: Beyond the Mare Magnum

‘Beyond the Mare Magnum’ reveals how the ud took on new musical forms and how its influence felt in different worlds, from Yemen to Persia and from Turkey to Al-Andalus. At times you can hear the soul of sub-Saharan Africa; at times the refinement of the Abbasid court. Different Dutch ud musicians take you on a journey to the various corners of the globe where the ud found anchor and left a profound imprint.

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Metropole Orkest Strings & 3MA
Yurdal Tokcan Ensemble
Hatim Idar

Jawa Manla Sextet

Explore ud masters around the world

25 October —
5 December